Including Special Characters and Foreign Language Messages

The Mobile Commons platform supports both the universal ASCII and the GSM character sets. The GSM character set (Global System for Mobile communications) allows for the inclusion of special characters, including common foreign language characters such as u with umlaut (ü) and e with acute (é), in your SMS messages. When utilizing GSM characters, your total character count for messages will be restricted to 70 characters instead of the standard 160 characters because these special characters require more data to be sent correctly. 

Upon entering a GSM character into the message box in Mobile Commons you will notice your character count will drop to 70. This is automatic and triggered by the inclusion of a GSM character. Removal of the GSM character will revert the character count to 160 available characters.

Standard character count (no special characters have been entered yet).


Character count drops upon special language characters being entered.


This character set is supported by most devices, including smartphones, available in the US marketplace. Some outdated feature phones may have trouble displaying these characters.

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